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Jun 22 2024

Summer Summer Time

Summer Textures Release! Hey SquirtleSquadMC! The wait is over! Our brand new Summer Textures are now live! Dive into the fun and kick off your summer with some beautiful new textures! New Store Deal We have an exciting offer: Buy 5 Summer Textures...
Mar 29 2024

Happy Early Easter

Happy Early Easter everyone! When you visit Spawn, you will see an Easter Egg... There have been 15 Easter Eggs placed throughout spawn. You will get money for each one you find that the Easter Bunny has left behind, on top of that, if you find...
Mar 17 2024

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 1st off, when you visit Spawn, you will see a pot o gold.... There have been 15 pots o gold placed throughout spawn. You will get money for each one you find that the Leprechaun has left behind, on top of that, if you find...
Feb 16 2024

Valentines Tournament

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing great! We have been hard at work on creating some awesome new content you will see very soon. Valentines and Neon Exotic Eggs have been released! Neon textures are extremely unique and I think they may be just...

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What Makes SquirtleSquad Better

Step into the mystical realm of Pixelmon in SquirtleSquad, a specialized Minecraft server where the worlds of creativity and Pokémon coalesce into an unforgettable adventure. In SquirtleSquad, every block, every biome becomes a thrilling backdrop for capturing, training, and battling with Pixelmon. It’s not just about building and exploration anymore; it’s about becoming the ultimate Pixelmon trainer in a community that shares your passion.

Here, amidst the meticulously crafted landscapes, you’ll find not only a place to unleash your architectural genius but also to engage in epic Pixelmon battles, trade with fellow trainers, and embark on quests that lead you across diverse and magical terrains. SquirtleSquad is more than a server; it’s a portal to a universe where each day invites a new challenge, each night unfolds under the gaze of legendaries, and every player contributes to a living, breathing Pokémon world.

Join the ranks of SquirtleSquad, where your Pixelmon dreams soar to new heights, friendships are forged in the heat of battle, and every moment is a step on an extraordinary journey. Welcome to SquirtleSquad – the pinnacle of Pixelmon adventures in Minecraft!


Our Network consists of many servers, our goal is to provide a easy and organized way of staying up to date and being able to quickly get help if needed. Our Discord is the #1 way to stay in the loop!

Dedicated Servers

We only use the best dedicated servers from OVH to provide a lag-free and 99.9% uptime environment

Friendly Staff

All of our staff are vetted extensively and provided the proper training to allow them to handle every situation to the highest standard.


Here at SquirtleSquad, we know you get bored of things, so we strive to provide a nice variety of game types to keep you entertained!

Current Servers

Modded Pixelmon Reforged

SquirtleSquad is the OG server and has had years to mature and cultivate this amazing community.

“SSMC” is a peaceful, fully featured Pixelmon Reforged server with tons of custom features!

Modded Pixelmon Reforged

HauntersHaven is a brand new Pixelmon server that is unlike any Pixelmon experience you have seen before. Months and months have gone into meticulously configuring every detail. We have invested in designers and modelers to provide a well crafted and branded experience!