Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

by | Mar 17, 2024

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

1st off, when you visit Spawn, you will see a pot o gold…. There have been 15 pots o gold placed throughout spawn. You will get money for each one you find that the Leprechaun has left behind, on top of that, if you find them all, you will get a limited edition Leprechaun Pot o gold plushie!

For the 1st time, we have introduced a brand new thing we will be doing for each holiday/season. At midnight tonight, 30 minutes from this announcement we will have our Saint Patrick’s Day Cosmetic Bundle released under the limited-time section in the store. On top of that, if you don’t want the whole bundle, every purchase over $20 automatically gets a random Saint Patrick’s cosmetic! This includes actual cosmetics like hat, backpack, plushies, tag, etc.

If this goes as well as I hope it does, we are already gearing up for Easter and more! My goal is to provide some of the best cosmetics and features you will find, we are constantly working on bring bigger and better things as often as we can.

Don’t forget to wear green tomorrow @everyone!

ps. Arctic Exotic Eggs will be leaving the store in a few days.