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Claiming in SquirtleSquad

Ensuring that your belongings are safe and protected is important, as nobody likes to lose something they worked hard to obtain, because of this SquirtleSquad has you covered with the "Claim Tool" feature.

Obtaining & using the Claim Tool is easy, and should only take a couple of minutes to get the hang of. For obtaining this item, the method below is the simplest;

Method: Using Shovel Kit
  - Type /kit shovel to receive a golden shovel used for protecting your home.

Once you have acquired the Claim Tool, using it is as simple as a single right-click in one corner, and another right-click in the opposite corner while holding the golden shovel. This will cost you claim blocks.

- NOTE -

A chunk of land is a 16x16 area along the X & Z axis, including Y coordinates 0 > 256.